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One of the most appealing aspects of the IGET King is the IGET King price. At just 25 AUD, this vape provides excellent value for its quality, design, and the extensive vaping experience it offers.

The IGET King is a distinguished product in the vaping landscape, known for its superior performance and a broad array of enticing IGET King flavours. This device has established a strong presence in Australia and continues to be a top choice in the diverse vaping market.


Net weight: 42 grams

Size: 20.5*20.5*114.5mm

Material: stainless steel PCTG

2600 puffs
Coil resistance: 1.2 ohms

E-liquid Capacity:8.5ml

IGET King Details:

This device offers up to 2600 puffs, thanks to its impressive battery life. With each puff, you can enjoy the 5% compound content, perfect for those who prefer a stronger hit.

The IGET King flavours are a treat for the taste buds. From traditional tobacco to a variety of fruity options, the IGET King keeps your vaping experience exciting with its diverse flavour profiles.

Having garnered favourable IGET King reviews from users worldwide, it’s no surprise the IGET King is a popular choice among vapers in Australia.

To sum it up, the IGET King, with its elegant design, portability, rich flavours, and the reasonable IGET King price, stands as a top choice in the vaping market. Don’t wait – elevate your vaping experience with the IGET King today.

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